Saturday, May 18, 2013


I had not visited the frog pond near me in several weeks.  And YIKES there was a new sign and posts for new signs and the pond itself looked trashed.  I was dismayed and will investigate next week when various town offices are open.  But for now here are some photos:

      A new sign pointing towards what I think of as the frog pond.  Vernal Pool.  What...a spring pool.

      And at the frog/vernal pond/pool is a limb from a fallen tree and wooden posts from???  Plus there's wooden post and part of the bench from a nearby picnic table.  What's going on here?

                                                               Where are the frogs?

                                                                        No frogs.

       And where have the frogs gone.  To be investigated.......

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YTSL said...

Uh oh... looks like the authorities/some organization has messed with Mother Nature there...