Saturday, June 22, 2013

Yeah Green! Vermont Summer

Outdoors all the trees, fields and bushes are the lush green color which I look forward to seeing every summer here in Vermont. After three months of beige mud season I really appreciate the green of late spring and summertime. Below are some photos I took over the past week. Green, green and more  green and one of mud season.

                                 I enjoy walking through dense woods where the sun peeks in.

                                                A tiny pond seen through the bushes.

                                     Benches in the middle of a nature trail walking area.

                                                               Hawthorne Bushes

Lots of shades of green.

Mud season holga photo of the road to a friend's house.


YTSL said...

The grass is greener on the other side of the fence -- or in another part of the world. My mother regularly bemoans the natural landscape in Penang being too boringly uniformly green... ;b

sarah sbk said...

hi ytsl,

You're so right. If we had green most of the year I'd be bored and tired with it but since it's green for about 4 months of the year I really like it.