Friday, July 12, 2013

Scottish Ceiling Mural in Vermont

Several years ago muralist Kimberley Ray painted a mural in the entrance to the Northshire Bookstore.  About a year ago a customer bought a book on Scottish castles asked one of the staff if he knew of someone local who did custom painting. The customer was shown the store mural and given Kim's contact information.  Fast forward to this June and several staff members along with others were invited to a party to see and celebrate the ceiling mural. We knew how wonderful Kim's work is but felt this was her best yet.  The painted ceiling of the Great Hall at Forter Castle in Scotland inspired Kim. In addition she did a lot of research on Scottish symbolism and several other painted ceilings in Scotland.

     Kim painted the eight panels at her studio but the decorative posts between them were painted on
site on scaffolding.

     This was a little hard to photograph as under the chandelier is a lovely round wooden table.

   As one can see the dining area isn't much larger than the mural.  It's a delightful room to have a meal in.

Close up.  Each panel has a story.

        Yer bums oot the windae - Your bum is out the window.  Everyone laughed at this saying. The entire panel is in the bottom left corner in the third photo down.

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