Friday, August 23, 2013


I was very taken with the first photo of a trip to Hokkaido that my friend posted on Webs of Significance. Such a wonderful photograph composed of vibrant lavender, then the lush greens of the valley giving way to the darker greens of the hills and finally the high misty looking mountains above the clouds. Lavender and green are two of my favorite colors and I enjoyed my friend's subsequent posts about lavender in Hokkaido here and here and here. But it's that first photo that I keep thinking about.

On my drive to work I noticed that while not the gorgeous lavender of Hokkaido Vermont does have a lot of lavender color to be seen along the roadside in summer. Not lavender but a herb named fire weed which is lavender in color and grows in wet open fields. It's often found on land that has been recently burnt thus the name fire and is considered by some to be an unattractive aggressive weed. One can see in the photos below how it grows in open fields along with other plants including goldenrod.

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YTSL said...

Lovely pics, sarah sbk! And thanks for the shout out -- and hope you get to visit Furano during lavender season some day. :)