Monday, August 5, 2013

Montreal - Sixth Floor Views

On a recent visit to Montreal we stayed on the sixth floor of our hotel. Since we live in a rural area I like to sit and look out our hotel window when we stay in a metropolitan city such as Montreal. Rooftops rather than the pastoral green leaves of Vermont are very interesting to me.

                                       Looking north out our Chinatown hotel window.

                                          View to the left standing in our hotel window.

                                                    Laundry, aren't zoom lens great.

                                                Another view from our hotel window.

                                              I took this photo standing on a chair.

                                                Taken just before a massive thunderstorm.

                                 Another photo taken just before a massive thunderstorm.

                                           Interesting stuff on neighboring rooftops.


YTSL said...

Great use of your zoom lens! :b

sarah sbk said...

Thanks, it was fun taking the photos.