Sunday, October 20, 2013

Holga - Embellished Photos

I am always looking for new directions to go with Holga photos. Online earlier today I saw some works by the artist Gerhard Richter.  His overpainted photos caught my attention. I thought to myself this is something I can experiment with my Holga photos.  When I have my film developed I have the photos put on a disc and also I order a set of prints.  I look at the prints, put them in photo albums and then wonder what else I could do with them.  This afternoon I looked through my art supplies and found a set of acrylic paints and thought why not see what effects I can do with Holga photos. Below is a start.

                                                  Acrylic paint on a panoramic photo.

                                 Acrylic paint used on the leaves on the left side of the photo
                                 and on the water on the right side.  Subtle for me.

                                                            Red and yellow paint added.                        

                                                 Black lines added with a toothbrush.

                                                                 Black added.

                                  Black added with a toothbrush in following three photos.


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