Sunday, November 3, 2013

Bookstore Wedding

This fall we had a first at the bookstore where I work......the wedding of one of our staff.  Co-workers who like to plan events got together with the bride-to-be and came up with a plan for the wedding and staff members volunteered to do different tasks.  Most of the staff participated and it was a magical evening.

     The bride to be mentioned she thought a bouquet made from a book would be great and voila, one was made for her.

     Preparations for the wedding included moving large display fixtures to the rear of the store so   chairs could be set up at the bottom of our large iron staircase.

             Staff members and their families helped decorate the staircase.

                                            Staff busy getting ready for the wedding.

                     The wedding began as the bride and groom walked down the staircase                   

                     Sarah and Mark exchanged vows with the Reverend Claire presiding.

                          A joyous occasion with family, friends and fellow staff members.

     The bride and groom sit in Adirondack chairs (gift from the bookstore) and enjoy the reception
     dinner held at the store's cafe.


YTSL said...

It must be a pretty happy workplace for an employee to want to get married there! ;O

sarah sbk said...

Yes indeed, most of us like working there (of course we have ups and downs) and the wedding was very special and fun.