Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Signs of Spring

This past winter was what the old timers (and young timers too) say was a "long, hard one".  And they mean cold as below freezing for days and lots of snow and then more snow.  Even though 32F/0C is freezing a lot of people around here, myself included, don't consider it cold until the temperature drops below 0F/-18C. We had a lot of cold days this winter......

Now the weather is getting warmer, sometimes with a daytime high of 68F/20C, but the nights still hover around 38F/3C which is okay with me as I know the temperature will be going up soon.  Today I went on my favorite walk and was anxious to see how the trail had survived the winter. I was  surprised to find the trail was in good condition and a lot of the underbrush had been cut and piled up to be removed.  Plus my favorite small frog pond is now cleared of the logs and dead branches someone threw in it last year.


                                                        Oh, I see some green ahead.


                                        This piece of tree bark looks like a mask to me.

                   The frog pond looks good. I like the reflections of the surrounding trees.


                             The green moss growing on a dead tree limb looks very bright.


                                                             Gray clouds.  Time to go home.

      I took this photo on my way to the trail walk. I remember a classmate of my daughter's
      saying one summer that everywhere in Vermont was just boring green. An artist suggested
      she count the shades of green she saw and then asked her if green were boring.


YTSL said...

Lovely photos!

Re temperatures: I like days of around 20 degrees Celsius. These days, 10 degrees Celsius = cold to me... this not least because Hong Kong buildings tend to have thin walls and no central heating!

sarah sbk said...

Hi ytsl,

Thank you.

20C/68F is a good temperature which I would take everyday. 10C/50F seems warm to me in April and early May. I can understand how this would be cold in Hong Kong. I think that temperature and the dampness from being so close to water would make me wear wool clothes.