Saturday, June 21, 2014

Frog Pond in June

After a very long winter and what seemed like a very long spring Vermont turned green in May as she does every year.  So green that my husband Gordon commented one day as we were driving somewhere, "Don't you think it's too much green?"  "Ah, are you kidding me after the hard winter and long mud season we had." "The green is so bright," he said.  "Oh shut up, " I said.

Recently when I visited what I think of as "My Frog Pond" on a local walk. I was annoyed that this year again someone(s) had thrown 2' x 4' logs into the pond.   I decided Gordon and I would remove the 2' x 4's and take them away from the pond.  So this afternoon off we went to the pond.

                                  A few of the 2' by 4' logs that were in the tiny frog pond.

                      A closer view.  Note the frog sunning at the end of the middle 2' by 4'.

         Up close. The frog didn't seem disturbed that Gordon was removing the nearby 2' by 4' logs.

                                    This time of year lots of greenery surrounds this tiny pond.

                     Another frog in the greenery surrounding the pond seems undisturbed by us.

       Oh no, Gordon starts to fall as he throws a 2' x 4' into the bushes. Drats, I didn't catch his fall...
            on camera......into the muddy muck which surrounds the pond.

                               Enough for today.  We'll check on the tiny pond tomorrow.


YTSL said...

Haha re your tale and some cool frog pics! Why would someone throw logs into that small body of water?

sarah sbk said...

Hi ytsl,

Thanks for the comment. This area is near the high school and kids like to go into the woods there so I imagine they did it. We dragged the logs into the woods and hid them in the undergrowth.