Saturday, July 12, 2014

Twenty Minutes of High Winds, Thunder, Lightning, Rain in a Small Vermont Town

Just over a week ago at dinner time a short but deadly summer thunderstorm came through the town where we live. Winds of 70mph/116 km, heavy rain, thunder, lightning, ping pong sized hail all in about fifteen to twenty minutes caused lots of damage to almost every house in its path.  The damaged varied from trees limbs 'resting' on roofs to two destroyed tomato plans though most of the damage required removal of tree branches. Below are some photos I took the next morning at my favorite wooded area across the street from my house.  There is so much green vegetation it's hard to see the extent of some of the damage.

                                            The bridge across the stream is still there. 

                                                      I can still see one of the paths.

                                             I guess this is as far as I venture on this path.

                                      Over the path to the frog pond, I can duck under this.

                     Good, the frog is sleeping on a board in the pond. I can see he's breathing.

Typical maple tree damage in this wooded area. Roots and all uprooted.

A Hydro Quebec truck at Dunkin Donut drove at least 3 hours to help. Thank you.

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YTSL said...

Hi sarah sbk --

The damage looks akin to what happens when we get typhoons over here in Hong Kong!