Monday, September 8, 2014

End of August Rain and Cloud Formations

Driving west from Rutland, Vermont at the end of August we encountered a sudden rain storm. As I was sitting in the front passenger seat I decided to see how photos taken with my digital camera out the front windshield would turn out. Usually when I take photos from a moving car I open the window but since the storm was coming in front of the car this wasn't an option. The rain storm didn't last long but left some great cloud formations which I was happy to snap photo of.


YTSL said...

Cool pics! For the first couple of photos, was wondering if you had gone for a black and white option... but looking at your whole photo sequence, it seems that nature itself had gone all black and white for a few minutes there! ;b

sarah sbk said...

Thank you. Yes, it seemed for a few minutes that the world had gone to black and white mode.....didn't last too long.