Friday, September 12, 2014

July 2014 - Vermont to Montreal

Every July we visit Montreal, Quebec, Canada to attend a movie festival. It's a three and half hour drive (barring any hold up at Canadian Customs) from our home in rural Vermont into rural New York State to downtown Montreal. The juxtaposition between rural Vermont/NewYork State and urban Montreal makes for an interesting trip. We left Vermont very early in the morning and below are some photos I took on our journey to the north.

                                Route 22A is the main North/South route in this part of Vt.

                                                                    Rising sun.

                                At Chimney Point, Vermont we travel over the Champlain
                                Bridge into Crown Point, New York. This is one of two
                                bridges crossing Lake Champlain between Vt and NYS.

                                Only two lanes, this is an important crossing point between
                                Vt and NY. Several years ago the previous bridge was
                                blown up and this new bridge built. The original bridge was
                                built in 1929 and removed by explosive demolition in 2009.

                                 And about a mile from the Champlain Bridge we saw these
                                 Osprey nesting on platforms built for them along the road.

                                  Closer view of the Osprey.

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