Saturday, September 20, 2014

Montreal July 2014

Our summer trip to Montreal to Fantasia Film Festival was a lot of fun as usual.  This year there was no line at the border crossing into Quebec so we arrived 1 1/2 hours earlier than we'd planned. I suggested we explore some of the streets around Concordia University where the festival is held.

    Outdoor seating at restaurants is very popular in the summer in Montreal. The man on a bike in the     lower left corner is riding in a designated bike lane on De Maisonneuve Boulevard.     

Since 2012 there are pianos outside in public places in the summer. These kids were fun to listen to.

             The outsides of many buildings in downtown Montreal have art work on them.   

            The different paintings and public art in Montreal add to the summer festiveness.

    We saw a couple of groups of people eating take out at these colorfully painted picnic tables.

                       Fantasia Festival posters were featured in several locations. This one is at
                       HMV on St. Catherine Street.

    Two hours before the first film of the day was shown people were already waiting in line at
     Fantasia Festival at Concordia University. 

          Empty cigarette pack on the sidewalk. After I took a photo several other people did too.


YTSL said...

Montreal looks like a place that values quality of life!

Re smokers: I wish those that walk around the street smoking didn't. It's so awful when you're behind someone and a cloud of smoke suddenly envelops you! :(

sarah sbk said...

Hi ytsl,

Yes Montreal people love their city and what it offers them.

Yes, it is and you know I like to smoke on my vacations. Gordon looked back at the cigarette pack and commented that people took photos but no one picked it up and threw it in a bin which are numerous in this wonderful city.