Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Vermont Summer 2014 Highlights

Summer is over here in Vermont and the north country. Temperatures some nights are just a degree or two above freezing.  Ninety-five percent green here but everyday I spot another red or yellow leaf. I'm  still in summer mode so I haven't taken any photos of the beginning changes.

We had  a good summer with temperatures not too very very hot this year. Below are some photos I took while out and about.

    Adirondack Northway part of Rt. 87 which runs from the Bronx to Canada. This part of the highway is know for it's green scenic views.

     Lake Saint Catherine, Vermont.  Reflections of trees in this small lake in central Vermont.

    The Otter Creek  runs thru downtown Middlebury Vt (pop 8500). People wade in the stream to fish. There is a waterfall too but I was standing on a bridge over it so didn't take a photo this time.

    Buxton's in Orwell Vt is a wonderful country store with delicious meats and everything from food to hardware to fishing gear.

     Rocket snapdragons which my husband grows every summer. AKA "Gordon's Therapy Garden".

    Burr Pond, Sudbury, Vermont view through the cattails.


YTSL said...

Hi sarah sbk --

Nice collection of shots!

Why is Otter Creek just a stream rather than a river? It looks plenty wide to me! Is it because its' much more shallow than it looks in your photo?

sarah sbk said...

Hi ytsl,

Thanks. There isn't an international standard for naming brooks, creeks, streams though rivers are considered to be the biggest. I think the Otter Creek is considered a river as it's the 2nd longest in the state- over 100 miles long. I have never heard anyone call it a river. It's well known for fly-fishing.