Saturday, December 13, 2014

Winter's Early Arrival

And it looks like winter is here to stay. Usually the first storm of the season rages for a day or a day and a half then the sun comes out and much of the snow melts.  Not this storm. It lasted 3 days and each morning there is/was a little more snow on the ground. Tree branches are covered in snow, tree limbs are on the ground as are power lines in some places. Many area have been without power for 2 or 3 days. In spite of this everyone is saying how beautiful everything looks as we always do after the first storm.

      A lot of branches covered in snow almost on the ground. Many of these will rise after snow melts.

     I like the bit of yellow in an otherwise dark brown and white snow filled photo.

     A gray day.  These trees began to seem a tad ominous when I looked at the photo I'd taken.

      As did this photo with the snow that had been plowed up.

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