Friday, April 24, 2015

Late April 2015

We were late this year to check out a favorite walking area as the weather was rainy, raw and snow was still on the ground.  Last summer a severe thunderstorm brought down many trees which were chopped up and removed by the end of summer. However we found that our harsh and unusually cold winter had caused more tree damage.

                                            Red pine trees-skinny with pine boughs on top

                                            Look at the top of the right limb of this tree.

                                                    Here is the top part of the limb.

                                  The texture of the bark is interesting and varied in color.

                                 Walking to our favorite tiny pond we saw lots of downed tree
                                 limbs. The big limb is tangled up in some vines.

                                The large tree was across the pond last year. It barely touches
                                the water. Notice the piece of lumber thrown into the pond.
                                Kids throw them in we think  We remove them every year.

                                Hooray!  The frogs are back. This one didn't jump into the pond
                                at our approach.


YTSL said...

Your frog pics never cease to amaze me! Do you regularly see frogs on your visit to your pond? Also, because of their camouflage, they aren't all that easy to immediately spot, are they?

sarah sbk said...

Hi ytsl,

Thanks, yes i do see frogs by the pond on a regular basis. The trick is to approach the pond with as little noise and movement as possible. I then stand very still in one spot and scan the ground around the pond for frogs. There are certain areas they like to sun in so I look there first.

YTSL said...

Hi again --

Do you tend to go to the pond at a particular time?

Often when I'm hiking in Hong Kong, I hear frogs -- but I have real problems seeing them. They sure love to hide, it seems! ;(

sarah sbk said...

hi ytsl,

I go at all times of day. The thing is here in Vermont we are far enough from the equator that the sun never is directly overhead, it kind of arcs through the sky so there are always shadows here.

When I visit T in San Diego the sun goes almost directly overhead and flattens everything so it's less interesting to take photos mid day.

And I've found with frogs once you locate their area (usually they jump away as you approach) it takes time standing still for them to reappear. If I am on a definite walk I don't take or have the time to wait for them. If I'm feeling tired or lazy I don't mind standing for 15 or 20 minutes. I was given a camping stool one birthday just for this but I've never used it here.....the ground is so soft I would sink!!!