Sunday, May 24, 2015

End of May 2015 - Here, There and the Frog Pond

Some photos I took yesterday and one this morning. Most photos, of course, are from when we revisited the frog pond.  The paths to the frog pond are over grown and not visible unless one knows where they are going. As it was we had to bushwack our way through tall weeds, thorny branches, downed larger trees to reach the frog pond where we spotted several healthy looking frogs.

                                             Maybe I should get Gordon a machete.

                                                            Wow this frog looks healthy.

                                      Sunlight is sometimes so helpful in finding critters.

                                     The pond is full of this stuff but the frogs are thriving.

                                                Out of focus but can you spot the frog?

                                I am a big fan of Louise Penny mystery writer whose books
                                are set in Three Pines, Quebec, Canada. Here in Vermont we 
                                have three maple trees on the golf course.....

                                   Seen on my drive to work.  Oh Vermont, so wonderful.

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YTSL said...

Wow re the frog pics -- and the photo of the three trees is stunning too! :)