Monday, October 19, 2015


Yesterday and today the temperatures were around and just below freezing (32 F or 0 C).  And there were short periods of corn snow which is a little frozen almost square shaped kernal of ice with a liquid water trail, then sleet and then sunny. Nothing sticks to the pavement this early in the almost winter season.  Basically this means fall foliage is over.  However I took lots of photos over the last weeks. Here are some photos taken at Lake Ste Catherine, Wells, Vermont leading up to what we call "peak" colors". After many years of living in Vermont I've learned it's not just the "peak" but the colors leading up to this which are also lovely.  In many ways I like this time better.  More to come...

                                                         Reflection in lake water

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YTSL said...

Like the last two photos in your blog post best.

Sounds like winter's already creeping up upon you in Vermont whereas we're barely into fall still here in Hong Kong! Out in nature, fall's arrival here is signalled not by colorful leaves but by there being less humidity in the air (good) and fewers critters to spot when out hiking (not so great)... ;)