Saturday, October 24, 2015


The fall foliage continues and I keep taking more and more photos. Just when I think I have enough photos I spot yet another tree covered in bright leaves. Is taking photos of colorful tress becoming like the potato can't eat (photograph) just one. These photos were take in and around Poultney, Vermont.

                                               Boxes of  slate waiting to be sent away.


YTSL said...

Were all these taken from your car? Do you go walking under the trees bearing fall foliage and enjoy the sound that the fallen leaves make as you walk through and/or on them? ;)

sarah sbk said...

Hi ytsl,

Thanks for your comment. No the day I took these photos I had Gordon drive around and stop when he or I thought there was a good photo to be taken. I got out of the car and took the photos. Yes,we often walk thru leaves and enjoy the sound they make. The last few years we have a local company (made up of people who went to school with the girls) mow our lawn and remove the leaves but I often walk thru the leave in the yard until they take them away.