Friday, October 16, 2015


This time of year I always try to a have a couple of cameras with me.  The scenery literally changes from hour to hour and if it's rainy or windy or both the scene can change in the seconds it takes to to pull off the road and grab my camera. Fortunately that only happened once this season. Below are some photos I took around the bookstore where I work.  No photos of the store (well, one of a small side and a dumpster but that hardly counts) but what's around it. I took photos over a period of two weeks from when the colors began to change until a couple of days ago. This year I thought it would be fun to include a shadow of me taking some of the photos.


YTSL said...

I miss seeing colorful autumn/fall leaves... Hong Kong has four seasons but fall here, which has always been my favorite (regardless of when I lived in England, the US, etc.), is far too short and not so colorful. So I can make a request for more fall leaf pics please? :b

sarah sbk said...

Yes, I have loads more photos with lots of color.