Thursday, November 19, 2015


This past week we took a short trip north to Montreal. Summer is our usual time to visit for the Fantasia Film Festival. We watch so many films we have little time to do much else.  For several years now Montreal has had a street mural art event during the summer which we never have time for. This fall we decided to visit Montreal and see some of the mural art, walk around neighborhoods, and eat meals that weren't gobbled down while running to or waiting in line for the next film.

We had fun. It was off season with not many festivals and events so there weren't the crowds we're used to in summer. Plus the temperature was perfect weather for us. It was around 45F (7.2C) which is a good walking around temperature for us. Summer temps which sometimes are 90F (32.2C) are too hot for me.

Below are some photos of the murals we saw:

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