Saturday, May 28, 2016


After a long snow less winter and what seemed like a forever mud season the leaves are green, the lilacs are in bloom and everyone is wearing short sleeved shirts and dresses/pants and leaving their coats and jackets at home.....or in the car for those more cautious folk. Below are some Holga photos I took in the past week.

There is an Amish community near our town. They come into town once a week to shop. As they have asked us not to photograph them they don't mind us snapping pictures of their horse and buggy. Later in the summer a young Amish man will sell corn in front of the local hardware store. Everyone stops and chats with him.

                                            An Amish buggy going back home after
                                            shopping in town.              

                                             Dramatic evening. Mountains, clouds, sky.

                                                  Double exposure of another morning.

                                               Looks, the leaves are finally popping out.

                                                              Dramatic clouds.

                                        My favorite, lilacs which only bloom for a short time.


YTSL said...

While spring's (finally?) arrived in Vermont, it's very much feeling like summer's already here in Hong Kong! We had an unusually cold winter, an unusually wet spring... and now I fear that we'll have a super hot summer this year. There's no doubt about it in my mind: global warming is real!

sarah bailey knight said...

Hi Ytsl,

Thanks for your comments. Here in Vermont we had almost no snow and mild temperatures in winter. Around 0 F (-17 C). I really like a snow storm or two-five during winter. March through mid May we had cooler weather with just below freezing at night. Now at the end of May we have weather we usually have for a week or two in mid July with temps 80-90 F ( 26-30 C). Yikes to your weather too. I also think global warming is real.

I hope you don't have a super hot summer in Hong Kong and I hope we don't have a super hot summer here in Vermont.