Monday, May 30, 2016


Off we went to Montreal for a quick trip to take photos of street art we missed on our last visit. Also a favorite street/stencil artist had a few pieces in a local gallery. I not only photographed the street art and gallery works but took a lot more photos of the neighborhoods where the art and gallery were located. Most of the photos were taken along and near rue St Laurent between Sherbrooke and Duluth streets.

                                The Lake Champlain Bridge is one of my favorites.  It stretches
                                from Chimney Point, Vermont to Crown Point, New York.

                               National Theatre of Canada and National Theatre School of Canada.

                                     Typical Depanneur    Referred to as Deps these corner
                                     convenient stores are seen all around the city.


                                The yellow sign is for the traffic bumps in this side street.
                                Notice the spiral staircase on the right. Montreal is famous for
                                this style of outside stairs.....not fun in winter.

                                The poet sitting at her typewriter will write a poem for you -
                                for a fee of course.

                                The famous Schwartz's Hebrew Deli. Montreal has strict French
                                Language sign laws. So it's Charcuterie Hebraique de Montreal.
                                It was 11:30 when I took the photo and the line was already
                                down the block.


                                Across the street from Schwartz's is a sign for Jewish cemetery
                                monuments. L. Berson & Fils have moved but their sign remains.
                                A man saw me taking photos of the street art and said I needed
                                to take a photo of this sign too as it was much older than the
                                street art I was photographing.

                                           Local side street. Notice the colorful apartments.

                                                            Beautiful Blossoms.

More to come.....street art....etc

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