Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Orwell Glass at Lake Champlain Maritime Museum in Vermont

A good friend and I have birthdays a week apart. She called and emailed me that this year we had to celebrate our birthdays at a glass blowing workshop. Usually we go out to lunch or dinner.  Orwell Glass is at the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum in July and August she told me.  So let's go the last week in August. Okay, I said.  And on a sunny Monday off we went.   What neither of us (or maybe just me) realized was that after a demonstration we would actually blow a bulb and stamp two sun catchers. Ourselves.  My friend taught K-8th grade for 30 years so was much more comfortable with this do-it-yourself than I was. I told her she had to go first. And good friend that she is she did.

                                  My friend watches and listens to our instructor.

                                 My friend blowing her bulb. Notice our instructor is helping
                                 form the bulb. My friend got it in one try. I however took
                                 three tries. First try I blew too hard and the bulb exploded.
                                 Second try I blew too slowly but got it on the third try.

                                         My bulb. I am very happy with it.

                                 Next we made sun catchers.  The instructor puts a blob of
                                 molten glass on the table. My friend, notice the design press
                                 in her hand which she will press onto the glass blob.

                                The instructor finishes the sun catcher with a hole to hang my
                                friend's fish sun catcher with.

                                 My crane sun catcher.

                                   My  off center dragon fly sun catcher.  I hope it looks like
                                   it's flying.

                                 Numerous pieces of colored glass.

                                 A youtube video of the  Orwell Glass workshop.


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