Saturday, March 11, 2017


Almost mid March and it's still below freezing and last night we had 5" of snow. Also it was very very windy and I didn't want to know the temperature with the wind chill factor included. Instead of my walk I took my cameras, got in my car and drove around. I stopped and took photos of places that caught my interest. I drove on secondary roads as our part of Vermont has very few roads with shoulders to pull off onto and safely take photos. Secondary roads don't have a lot of traffic so I figured I could pull 1/2 off the road on areas where cars could see me and put on the car's blinkers. As the few cars I encountered approached I held up my camera and waved.  All slowed downed and waved back to me as they past. Click on photos for larger look.

                                          Graffiti on a cement under pass on the Poultney
                                          River. Population 3500.

                                                 Summer only food stand in Benson, Vt.
                                                 Population 1000.

                                                                Buxton's Store, Orwell
                                                                Population 1250. Best
                                                                meat ever. All who
                                                                enter are welcome.

                                          Maple Syrup next door to Buxton's. The local bank
                                          has successfully been in business since 1832.
                                          Their conservative lending practices are often
                                          featured in the Wall Street Journal and NYT.

                                          Larrabees Point Cable Ferry to Fort Ticonceroga
                                          in New York State closed for the winter.

                                                  Collapsed roof of summer cottage at
                                                  Larrabees Point.

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